Less buzz, more business.

We take a strategic approach to communications and marketing to help business owners focus to find, win and keep clients and build brands to increase shareholder value.


Our Beginning

Catherine Michael created CM ink, after a 20-year career helping iconic brands grow with her strategic but practical approach.

She provides frank advice, based on experience and insight, to boards, senior management, and marketing and communications leaders in both small to large, public and private companies.

Many business owners find the marketing of their business a bit overwhelming and are not sure if they are doing justice to their brand, or are not sure where growth is going to come from. Others have invested considerably in marketing and advertising and are no longer getting the results required.


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With over 25 years in communications and marketing, some highlights in Catherine’s career include:
• Running publicity tours of Australia with Anita Roddick, OBE, at The Body Shop
• Trialling the first McCafe inside a Kmart store • Launching Nintendo 64 into Australia
• Producing Mincom’s
• Trademarking a more fitting name for the lingerie industry – Brastylist
• Creating a new name for an alliance between Thiess, QLd Govt - Trackstar
• Communications program for sale of Golden Casket to Tatts Group
• Launching Pure Blonde Naked and handling all stakeholder communications for the
first ever strike at Yatala brewery
• Developing merlo coffee’s ecommerce capability to become a third force in their business model


Our Mission

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Get Involved

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