CM ink’s approach is to break the work down into ‘strategic buckets’ in a chronological order so you receive value quickly, while also allowing each step to inform the next.

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This approach helps to de-mystify marketing while also being able to coach and educate owners and in-house teams to build internal capability.

I like to share what I’ve learnt from my brilliant career experiences, so you get a personalised approach, far from the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all style from larger agencies with expensive overheads.


As so much value is held in the brand in many businesses, this is the place I like to start. Think of it as a due diligence, but for your brand and marketing activity.

We discover so much in this phase that is critical to the future success of your brand.

We will interview your stakeholders – employees, clients, suppliers; we review research or conduct our own and scan the competitive landscape and your industry.

These are then used as fantastic inputs into a positioning workshop.

During discovery we also help you uncover more about :
• your channels,
• how and why your customers deal with you,
• what products or services are worthy of future investment,
• how you communicate and
• if your sales efforts are actually converting into sustainable income.

To ensure that every tactic has a strategic home we also audit your existing marketing tools to determine what is to be retained and included going forward and what is required.

From there you will receive insights and strategic recommendations clearly defining what needs to be or your brand, products and your business.

As I have worked both in-house, in advertising agencies and in large communication consultancies, as well as in my own small business, you get realistic, balanced advice about the best course of action for the outcomes you want from your investment in marketing.

We explain what tools will work best for your business and need to be in your marketing communications tool kit and how they populate your marketing calendar that drives both strategic and tactical revenue.

By building in measurement of all marketing and communication activities, management and shareholders gain a deeper understanding of what the metrics mean and why they matter.


I offer a flexible approach depending on the immediacy of your requirement, budget and access to internal resources. You benefit as you get access to strategic relevant experience without the overhead cost of an employee. I work in the following ways for clients  

Outsourced Marketing Director: Ongoing, retained for an agreed period of time
Project Basis: One off projects
Strategy and Coach:  Deliver Strategic Plan and monitor and coach internal resource/s for execution and support  
Advisory Board Member:  Bringing communications and marketing balance to boards.

When required, I leverage on your behalf an extensive network of highly experienced and talented individuals- from photographers, graphic designers, web, digital and social media dudes, media buyers or event specialists – depending on what you need. That way you get highly experienced teams that you pay for only when you need them – which is a far more cost effective approach.

If you’ve got a marketing communications challenge or your brand is suffering from a lack of attention, then you CM ink has the nous to help you. Get in contact or 0408 788 187.